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esProc Exports Data by Groups

Problem source: . A selection from the original table (TB1): Note: The table has a great amount of data volume with 4 million rows of data. You need to export data into several TXTfiles according to different values in PROGROUP column. Based on the above data, the expected result is as follows: DG.txt MONTH  ID   COMPANY    […]

Query List Fields in MongoDB Subdocuments in esProc

Problem source:!msg/mongodb-user/HqzXSh5DZek/ffZG0TQ1w8cJ. Collection Cbetween contains cascaded subdocuments, in which the List-type dataList field includes a series of strings, each of which has multiple numbers. You need to find strings according to the criterion that the first number is greater than 6154 and less than or equal to 6155. Below is one of Cbetween’s subdocuments: The […]

esProc Exports Unstructured MongoDB Data as CSV Files

Problem source: . MongoDB allows storing unstructured data in it. But it is somewhat difficult to export the data as standard structured data. esProc, however, makes it an easy job, with MongoDB’s cooperation. Let’s look at the steps for doing this. Below is some data from Collection test: /* 0 */ {   “_id” : […]

Comparison between esProc Syntax and SQL Syntax for Common Computations

Structured Query Language, abbreviated as SQL, is usually used to query, store and retrieve data in databases. In esProc, users can return the query result using SQL commands directly, or process data step by step with more flexible and convenient methods and get the same result as that of SQL, whose computation is complicated. 1. […]

Using Sequence Numbers and Locating Data in esProc

1. Accessing members Members in a set of esProc (sequence) are organized in order. Therefore, you can reference a member in a set with its sequence number. The more flexible use of sequence numbers, the better esProc functions to make operations simpler and more efficient. Thus sequence numbers or an integer sequence (ISeq) of sequence […]

esProc Performs Inner and Outer Joins: Code Examples

Related computing includes inner join and outer join. The outer join can be further divided into left join, right join, and full join. esProc performs these joins conveniently. In the discussion below, we’ll learn how esProc does the job using the emp table and the sOrder table along with several examples. Table structure: The emp […]

esProc Joins a Structured Text file with a JSON File

structure.txt is a tab-separated structured text file. json.txt contains non-structured JSON strings. We need to join the two files to create a new file result.txt. The original data is as follows: structure.txt Json.txt Result.txt esProc will first import json.txt as a structured table sequence and then join it with structure.txt. The code is as follows: […]

esProc Joins Text files and Generates a Computed Column

There are two tab-separated structured text files. chr column in AssociatedMarkers.txt is the logical foreign key pointing to Chr column in DiseaseMarkers.txt. We want to create a new structured text file, in which one column comes from AssociatedMarkers.txt’s snps_BCG24 column and the other is a computed column that will get its values through the following […]

esProc Program – Loop Computation

In esProc, loop computation works on each member of a sequence, or each record of a table sequence and a record sequence. Now the computation can be completed with simple loop functions, instead of the loop statements. 1. Loop computation While performing loop computation on a sequence, you can reference sequence members in the parameters […]

An Example of esProc Set Operations

There are a lot of occasions when set operations are needed to do structured data summarizing and analysis. For example, to list all students who have published papers, find the employees who have participated in all trainings and select students who passed the examination for the re-examination. esProc uses sets everywhere. Its most commonly used […]

esProc Finds Differences between CSV files

userName and date are the logical primary key of both old.csv file and new.csv file, in which we want to find rows that are new, deleted and updated. The source data is as follows: As can be seen from the above data, in new.csv the 2nd and the 3rd row are the new and the […]

esProc Counts Distinct Columns in a Text File

Problem source: . There are some text files under /data directory. Each of them has certain columns. We want to know how many distinct columns are there in each file. For instance, the number of distinct columns in f1.txt is 3. Suppose there is only one file. Then the code could be: file(“/data/f1.txt”).import().fno().((c=#,A3.(~.field(c)))).id().len() fno function […]

esProc Performs Random UPDATE with Priorities

Problem Source: . Target:Among the records that satisfy the specified condition in the TMP_SURVEY_TRAN_BZ_3_WORKING table, select 20 ones at random and change values of their Quota_Include_Ind field into “Y”. But there is a list of priorities for the update: If the number of records satisfying customer_type=’r’ is greater than 20, then the 20 random […]

esProc Assists Java to Join Text Files

Problem Source: . JAVA lacks the class library for handling text file JOIN operation. So it’s quite complicated to write code specifically for it, especially when the files are too big to be loaded into the memory all at once. esProc can help JAVA do this kind of operation. Below is an example showing […]

esProc Simplifies SQL-style Computations – Interval Merging

There are many complicated SQL-style computations in database application development. Interval merging is one of them, such as the summation of non-overlapping time intervals and merging of overlapping time intervals, etc. Due to the lack of orderliness of an SQL set, SQL solves the problems by resorting to recursive method that is difficult to be […]

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