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esCalc Solves Spreadsheet Problems – Summarize Details

It is rather inconvenient to summarize details in Excel. You can only enter the formulas by hand when beyond-the-group computation is involved, which is not only a laborious job but also easy to get wrong. This is because Excel lacks the smart adjustment mechanism and only supports copying formulas mechanically according to their relative positions. […]

esProc Program: Sequence and Table Sequence(I)

Sequence, table sequence and record sequence are commonest data types of esProc. This article tries to expound their respective characteristics as well as relations between them. 1. A sequence is an ordered generic set 1.1  Collectivity A sequence consists of multiple data, which is called members of the sequence. The members can be any type of […]

Comparison of esProc and R Language in Processing Text Files

As languages for data computations, both esProc and R language have rich functions to process text files. They have many similarities in basic usage, as well as obvious differences, such as in the aspect of processing files with fixed column width and big text files, reading and writing designated columns, computational performance, etc. The article […]

esProc Getting Started: Basic Data Types

1. Data types in esProc In esProc, the following basic data types are available: Integer Any integer between -231 and 231-1, i.e. the value range is -2147483648~2147483647. The type conversion function int() can be used to convert other types of data into integer. Long integer -263~263-1, which is a value range bigger than that for […]

esProc Getting Started :Cell Editing

1. Cell Copy and Paste In esProc, you can press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy data or an expression in some cell and paste it on the target done. But unlike EXCEL, the copy and paste operations on the cell will not perform the adjust-paste on the expression automatically. If you need to adjust the […]

esProc Getting Started: Types of Cells

In esProc, cells are automatically classified into different types according to their values or the expressions they contain. In a cellset, each type of cell has its own appearance, which highlights the code in the cells. 1.Types of cells 1.1    Constant cell A cell in which the cell string can be interpreted as the constant […]

esProc Getting Start : Installation and Basic Use

esProc is a tool for programmed data computing. It can execute various types of data analysis and structured data computing, as well as get access to the database freely and perform online data analysis. 1. Installation You can download esProc installation package on the following official website: To install esProc, please run the installer according […]

esProc Simplifies SQL-style Computations – Relational Computation on Groups

During developing database applications, we are often faced with complicated SQL-style computations like relational computation on multilayered groups. As SQL requires summarizing during data grouping and it doesn’t support object-style relational access, it is difficult to deal with these computations. We have to resort to an advanced technique of window functions nested with multilayered subqueries. […]

esProc Simplifies SQL-style Computations – Records Corresponding to Max Value

In developing database applications, usually it is the records corresponding to the max/min value that we need to retrieve, instead of the value itself. For example, the occasion in which each employee gets his/her biggest pay raise; the three lowest scores ever got in golf; the five days in each month when each product gets […]

esProc Helps Process Structured Texts in Java –Non-Single Row Records

esProc can help Java deal with various computations in processing structured texts. But in the case of non-single row records, it is necessary to preprocess the data before esProc can perform computations on it. Let’s look at this through an example. The text file Social.txt is the access records of a website, in which every […]

esProc Helps Process Structured Text in Java – Sorting

It is simple for Java to sort data in text files of small size. But when big files are involved, you need to import data segmentally, write out the sorting result of each segment in temporary files and at last, merge these temporary files. The programming will be rather complicated. Even if the file is […]

esProc Helps Process Structured Text in Java–Conditional Filtering

Following problems will arise if you perform conditional filtering on text files in Java alone: 1. The text file is not a database,soit cannot be accessed by SQL. The code needs to be modified if filtering conditions are changed. Besides, if you want a flexible conditional filtering as that in SQL, you have to self-program […]

Interactive Data Analysis in esCalc– Grouping and Summarizing

Grouping and summarizing data in sheets is what we often need to do during performing data analysis and statistics. We can group and summarize data in Excel, but actually, it is seldom that this function is used. Reasons for this include several aspects: Excel is strict about the format of data to be grouped and […]

esProc Helps Process Structured Text in Java–Grouping and Summarizing

Following problems will arise if you perform conditional filtering on text files in Java alone: 1. The text file is not a database, so it cannot be accessed by SQL. The code needs to be modified if the expression of grouping and summarizing is changed. Besides, if you want a flexible expression, you have to […]

esProc Simplifies SQL-style Computations–In-group Computation

During developing the database applications, we often need to perform computations on the grouped data in each group. For example, list the names of the students who have published papers in each of the past three years; make statistics of the employees who have taken part in all previous training; select the top three days […]

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