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Export Dynamic Text Files to Database with esProc

Problem source: .  There are multiple text files in a certain directory. Each of their names includes one of the letters a/b/c at the beginning and a date. The letter is fixed while the date is dynamic. You need to write contents of these files as well as the dates into a database table by […]

esProc Charts: Coordinate Systems and Coordinate Transformation

Regarding the chart element plotting, compared with setting the appearance properties for a chart element like color and line style, it is more important to specify its position. When plotting a chart, statistical values are often used to determine its position. Therefore you will need to create a coordinate system on the canvas according to […]

esProc Improves Text Processing – Remove Duplicate Rows

During processing the text file, sometimes we need to remove duplicate rows from the grouped data. But the operation becomes complicated when the file under processing is too big to be entirely loaded into the memory. esProc’s group operation supports importing a whole group of data with the file cursor, as well as many options. […]

Application of Index Sequences in esProc

In databases, creating appropriate indexes for tables can greatly increase query efficiency. Similarly, index sequences can be created for record sequences or table sequences in esProc to increase efficiency in querying data repeatedly.  For example, we need to access the food order Order_Foods.txt repeatedly.   A B C 1 =file(“Order_Foods.txt”).import@t() 50000 1000 2 =A1(C1.(rand(B1)+1)).new(PName, Quantity) […]

esProc Improves Text-processing – Merge Sorted Data

Many databases support the MERGE statement and thus can merge two tables conveniently. Database syntax cannot be used directly, however, if the data to be merged are the text data. In this case esProc is able to perform what MERGE statements can do based on the text files.    The two files – table1.txt and […]

Using Cursor in esProc

With esProc, you can handle the structured big data easily, and perform data computing and analysis without difficulty. Because the big data table cannot be loaded into the memory all at once, the basic solution is using cursor to handle it. 1. Basic principle of cursor The esProc cursor is like the database cursor in […]

esProc File Computing: Parallel Grouping and Aggregation

The article esProc File Computing: Parallel Query and Filter explained how to query and filter data. Here let’s look at the case of combining the article’s topic with grouping and aggregation. Still we only discuss cases with relatively small result sets that can be loaded into memory in one go.   Steps of querying and […]

Referencing Thinking in esProc

1. Foreign key referencing The foreign key is a common concept for various relational databases. In a relational table, you can define one or multiple fields as the foreign key. The foreign key field values can be associated with the data in another table. For example, in the game scoring report, player scores are usually […]

Processing Big Text Files with esProc Cursor: Code Examples

esProc supports cursor objects and provides related functions to process big text files conveniently. Below is an example. Suppose a text file, sales.txt, stores ten million sales records. Its fields mainly include SellerID, OrderDate and Amount. Requirement: Computing each seller’s total amount of big orders in the past four years. Big orders are those whose […]

esProc Handles Duplicated Records in CSV files

Problem source: .  JAVA doesn’t have the class library for grouping data from a text file or getting distinct values, which results rather complicated coding. In dealing with the duplicated records in a CSV file, esProc can work with JAVA to make it easier. The following example will tell you how esProc works. dup.csv contains 8 […]

esProc Set Thinking

1. Sequences and sets in esProc Unlike traditional programming languages, esProc employs sets commonly. In fact, the sequence in esProc belongs to the field of set. So it’s quite important to deeply understand the concept of sets when using esProc. Like an integer and a string, the set is a basic esProc data type; it […]

esProc File Computing: Parallel Query and Filter

Raqsoft esProc provides the ability of performing file-based computation. It supports multithreaded parallel processing to deal with problems involving relatively big data. The multiprocessing can make full use of the computational power of the machine’s multi-core CPU to achieve an almost equal or better performance than the conventional database.  Here only the case involving a […]

esProc File Computing: Cascaded Foreign Key Relationships

There are some computational tasks of processing structured data that involves multi-table data sources joined through cascaded foreign key relationships. For example, you want to find particular orders from the order management system, where the following structure of cascaded foreign key relationships is involved. Computational target: Find orders in which the suppliers and customers are […]

A Code Example of External Memory Grouping in esProc

In data analysis, we often need to group data and then compute the aggregate value for each group, or perform other computations on each group. esProc allows using groups function to compute aggregate values for groups of data, as well as grouping records of a table with group function for use in subsequent computations. However, […]

esProc Integration & Application: Integration by BIRT

esProc provides standard JDBC to integrate with BIRT and other reporting tools. Here we’ll explain the process of integration of esProc and BIRT in development environment and WEB application environment. 1. Integration in development environment 1.1  Create configuration files Create the two configuration files – config.xml and dfxConfig.xml – necessary for esProc JDBC. 1.1.1 config.xml […]

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