esCalc Spreadsheet Editing: Records

esCalc Spreadsheet Editing: Bands expounded the editing on the structure of bands in an esCalc table. Once a band’s structure is decided, you can add, delete or move records and fill them with data. 1. Bands and records In esCalc, a record is defined as a band that can have homo-bands of the same level and with the sam...

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esCalc Spreadsheet Editing: Bands

A band is the elementary structure unit of an esCalc spreadsheet. So editing a band is the basic operation on a sheet. Different from editing records during which you add or delete data, editing a band means reconstructing it. In examples of this article, Ctrl+Enter will be used to insert records. You can learn more fr...

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esCalc Spreadsheet Editing: Cells

In esCalc, apart from editing bands to change the cellset’s structure and editing records to add or delete data, you can perform cell editing, which includes structural operations such as adding and deleting cells, as well as data copying and pasting. This article will deal with how to edit cells. 1. Editing cells and ...

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