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esProc Assists Report Development – Dynamic Datasources

esProc Assists Report Development – JOINs across MongoDB and MySQL

esProc Assists Report Development – JOIN Operation in MongoDB

esProc Assists Report Development – Realization of group_concat

esCalc Solves Spreadsheet Problems – Link Relative Ratio and Year-on-Year Comparison

esCalc Solves Spreadsheet Problems –Explicit Set Operations

esProc Improves Text Processing – Parse Logs with Arbitrary Number of Lines

esCalc Solves Spreadsheet Problems – Inter-row computation of Continuous Summary

esProc Improves Text Processing –Batch String Replacement

esCalc Solves Spreadsheet Problems – Inter-row Computation of Summary

esProc Helps Process Structured Texts in Java – Alignment Join

esProc Improves Text Processing – Characters Matching

esProc Helps with Computation in MongoDB – Cross Summarizing

esProc Helps with Computation in MongoDB – Relationships between Tables

esProc Helps Process Structured Text in Java – Import data into the database

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