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24-Point Game Programming in esProc

24-point game is a common intellectual game, which can be played with cards without jokers. The rule is to draw four random cards and manipulate the four numbers to get the result 24 using four arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In card playing, J, Q, K correspond numbers 11, 12 ...

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esProc Solves Multivariable Linear Equations

For a given system of linear equations in n unknowns, there must be n equations to form the system. e.g.: 3x+4y+5z=26 5x+6y+10z=47 4x+8y+7z=41 Well, how do you solve this system of linear equations with n variables with esProc? First, the system of equations should be written in a standard form, and parameters are fill...

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esProc Solves Eight Queens Problem

Among lots of chess puzzles, the problem of the eight queens is the most well-known example. Eight queens must be placed on a 8×8 chessboard so that no queen attacks any others. Well, how many solutions are there?  A queen attacks any other queen that sits on the same row, column or diagonal. Thus a solution requi...

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