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The New Java Way of Handling Structured Text Files

It’s common to handle structured text files in Java programming. But since Java lacks corresponding class library, code produced through hardcoding is complicated and difficult to maintain. For example, sales.txt is a tab-separated structured text file that needs sorting by SellerId. Here’s the code: Comparator<...

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Structured-Data Computing Layer for Java

Programmers can handle structured data using SQL statements when the data is stored in a single database. But they can’t use SQL statements directly when the data is held in a non-database such as the file, the NoSQL database, or the Json data stream, or when multiple databases are involved. As an alternative, programm...

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Solving SQL Problems with Python\R\esProc

SQL is a sophisticated and all-around database programming language, making most instances of structured-data computing a painless experience. Yet there are still some instances that are difficult to handle in SQL in computer programming. Here’s an example. duty is a MySQL table of shift schedule, in which an employee ...

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The Three Stages in Building Reports with Heterogeneous Data Sources

There are many different types of report data sources, including relational databases, NoSQL databases, local files, HDFS files and JSON data stream. It’s easy to build a report with a single data source, but it’s difficult to build one that needs data from more than one type of data source, i.e. heterogeneous data sou...

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The Three-layered Reporting Architecture

A reporting architecture consists of three layers from bottom to top – storage layer, computing layer and displaying layer. The storage layer contains raw data, which may be stored in a relational database (RDB), a NoSQL database, and a local or HDFS file, or may just be a JSON stream. The computing layer can access th...

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