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Date and Time Functions in esProc

Date and time data has its own characteristics for analysis and handling. In this article let’s look at how to perform date and time handling in esProc. 1. Conversion to date and time data Usually the date and time data is entered or displayed as strings. With esProc, you can click Tool>Option to set the default for...

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Comparison operations in esProc

In data analysis, comparison operations are employed to check whether a datum is greater/less or equal to another datum, as well as to perform operations including query, select, sort and group. Here we discuss the uses of comparison operations in esProc and solve possible related problems. 1.Comparing single values es...

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Regular Expressions in esProc

esProc provides regex() function to match a string or a string field value in a record sequence using a pattern defined by the regular expression. The aim is to analyze and examine the string in order to find the pattern in it and replace it. Here we look at the uses for regular expression in esProc. 1. The basics A re...

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