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Functions of esProc, Perl, Python, R in Structured Data Process by Comparison: Chapter3.

Chapter 3. Import 2D table from Excel Data of the regular 2D table is imported from Excel into the memory, and stored in relevant objects provided by the product. esProc     =file(“d:/data.xls”).importxls@t(id,name,score;”sheet1″,1:10)    You can specify the field name, sheet name, Start row and End row to be imported Perl It may be a […]

Functions of esProc, Perl, Python, R in Structured Data Process by Comparison: Chapter2.

Chapter 2. Import from Text to 2D Table The data will be imported into 2D table from a format-based text file, and stored in relevant objects provided by the product. esProc   =file.import@t(Fi:type,…; s,b:e)           The text file is imported into the table sequence with one statement; Fi specifies the columns to be imported; type defines […]

The disadvantages of SQL Computation(III)

To say the least, even if there is top, it only makes it easy to get the preceding part lightly. If we change the problem into getting the 6th place to the 10th place, or seeking the salesman whose sales amount is 10% more than that of the next one, the difficulty is still there. […]

Functions of esProc, Perl, Python, R in Structured Data Process by Comparison Chapter1.

Structured data processing is the most common computation mode in applications. Such computations are generally performed in databases with SQL, but we often get into such situations where SQL fails to work or is unworkable, for example, it is not suitable to use SQL in the case of complex computation logic and enormous process steps. […]

Hadoop is not a Low Cost Solution

Hadoop is a popular Parallel Computing System for Big Data, with the main feature of being cheap and able to scale out. However, “cheap” is limited to its hardware and software licensing, not the total cost. In terms of learning cost, development cost and management cost, Hadoop does not have advantage. In some cases, the […]

The Disadvantages of SQL Computation (II)

Moreover, SQL does not allow the value of a certain field to be a set (namely temporary table), so in this way, it is impossible to implement some computations even if we tolerate the over elaborate. If we change the problem into computing the salespersons whose sales amounts of all products rank among the top […]

The Disadvantages of SQL Computation (I)

SQL is invented primarily to provide a method to access structured data in order to transparentise the physical storage scheme, so a lot of various types of English vocabularies and syntaxes are used in SQL to reduce the difficulty in understanding and writing it. And the relational algebra as the basic theory of SQL is […]

Perfect Grouping and Summarizing: Equal, Align, and Enum

esProc provides three complete and powerful grouping methods, namely, Equal, Align, and Enum. With these functions, the true meaning of grouping and summarizing is restored and kept. Summarizing by group is the commonest function in the field of statistics analysis. It is usually used to analyze the analytic target as a whole. In which, the […]

How to Facilitate Relational Reference: Generic, Sequence, and Table Sequence

Based on the generic data type, esProc provides the sequence and the Table sequence for implementing the complete set-lizing and the much more convenient relational queries. The relation between the department and the employee is one-to-many and that between the employee and the SSN (Social Security Number) is one-to-one. Everything is related to everything else […]

Intuitive Code Style: Cell, Reuse, and Indentation

esProc provides the functionalities of cell, reuse, and indentation for an intuitive analysis. The intuitive analysis enables the developers to code in a way more natural to human thought. esProc redefine the programming by composing the scripts in the two-dimensional cells from a business perspective at the very start. Intuitive, simple, and efficient, the intuitive […]

esProc’s Use in ETL

The purpose for ETL is to get higher quality data, with better performance, and in a more convenient way. Actual ETL tasks includes basic data migration, data correction, as well as many industry specific business logics, such as: 1.Transform the raw sales data from the store into data warehouse, with one table to store specific […]

Solve Complex Computations in the Report

Reporting tool is good at chart & form design, style of landscaping, query interface, entry & report, and export & print. It is one of the tools that are applied most extensively. However, there are quite often complex computations in the report, which raises a very high requirement for technical capabilities of report designers, and […]


ETL process usually includes lot of business logics, which is beyond the reach of visual ETL tools. Most of times they need to be implemented through hard coding. For example, from the production database of a store, we need to ETL the consumer’s purchasing record into the membership score table in the query database. The […]

Grouping Function Comparison R Language vs. esProc

Grouping is to allocate the samples into several groups according to a specific flag. There is a difference between groups and the relative commonness shared by group members. The grouping plays an important role in statistical analysis. For example, the type grouping is used to differentiate the types of economy, society, sciences, and other phenomena. […]

Program with Agile Syntax of esProc on Hadoop

Hadoop is an outstanding distributed computational system whose default developing mode is MapReduce coding. However, MapReduce is not specially designed for data computing. Plus, its syntax mechanism is cumbersome, the coding efficiency for computation is relatively low, and it is even more difficult to compose the universal algorithm. Regarding the agility of syntax, esProc out-perform […]

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