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esCalc Basics: Cells and Data Types

esCalc Basics: Installation and Usage discussed how to install esCalc and use it to make spreadsheets. The spreadsheet data may be of any data type and can be displayed in various appearances. This article mainly covers most used data types in esCalc and the setting of cell properties. 1. Data in the cell In esCalc, […]

esProc Implements Dynamic Data Sources for Reporting Tools

Sometimes you need to reference data sources dynamically through a parameter, merge data sources into one, or dynamically pass data source name to a subreport/Table control. Often reporting tools – especially those with support for single data source, such as BIRT and Jasper – have to use a high-level language to accomplish these requirements, or […]

How esProc Assists Java to Retrieve Text Files

Java provides functions for handling the basic file processing, which refers to the retrieval of small text files, in a simple, unstructured way. But in handling files requiring structured format, holding data of various formats and having particular requirements, or big files that cannot be entirely loaded into memory, Java code is too complicated and […]

esProc Charts: Using Ready-made Graphs

The series of articles on esProc charts discussed how to use chart elements in plotting algorithms to make charts. Besides writing plotting algorithms, we can use a number of built-in ready-made graphs to quickly plot common styles of charts. There are four types of ready-made graphs (Column graph, Line graph, Pie graph, Two-axis graph) available […]

esProc Arranges Data for Reports with Unconventional Layouts

It’s hard to create reports with unconventional layouts directly with functions provided by a reporting tool. However, if the data for building such a report can be beautifully prepared, the difficulty could be considerably reduced. esProc(free edition is available) is an expert at handling this data preparation. It provides set operations, supports dynamic script execution, […]

How esProc Assists Java to Query Big Text Files

Sometimes you need to query a big text file, instead of the database. In those cases, you need to retrieve the file in a stream style to perform the query algorithm, in which parallel processing is needed to improve the computing performance. As Java lacks the class library for doing these, you have to use […]

Performance Test of File Retrieval in esProc

This article aims to test esProc performance of retrieving files and compares it with the result got by using Oracle JDBC. The test data is some order records saved in the orders.b file. Import the file with esProc and its content would be like this: ORDERID CLIENT     SELLERID AMOUNT ORDERDATE NOTE 1       287  47     5825         […]

Performance Test of Concurrent File Processing with esProc

This article aims to test esProc performance in processing files concurrently, based on filter, group and aggregate operations and comparison with Oracle. Test data includes tables of ordering information of different years. With esProc, files (Orders2009.b, Orders2010.b, Orders2011.b and Orders2012.b) of binary format are imported. Below is a selection from the source data: ORDERID CLIENT     […]

esProc Helps to Compose Dynamic SQL

It is not uncommon in actual business to tackle complex computational problems by composing dynamic SQL. The skill has generated a lot of discussion across online IT forums. Here are links to some of the questions around it: The usual methods of composing dynamic SQL include: 1. Using dynamic statements Many […]

esCalc Basics: Installation and Usage

esCalc is a computing software for handling spreadsheet data. It can be used to make a spreadsheet, as well as to analyze or process the structured data it holds. The storage structure esCalc uses to store data enables users to analyze and generate many types of derived data, such as performing the year-on-year comparison, balance […]

Performance Test of esProc File Traversal Algorithm

This article focuses on testing performance of esProc’s handling of file traversal, using commonly used group and aggregate operations as well as query and filter operations. The performance test will include evaluation of the influence of using multithreads, and comparison between esProc approach and Oracle counterpart for the same operation. We use ordering information as […]

How to Use esProc as the Class Library of Structured File Computing for Java

In some cases, data must be stored in the file system, rather than in a database. That requires handling file-based data computing manually. Since Java lacks the related class library, you have to hardcode the structured file computing, which produces complicated and unreadable code. Yet, you can make up for this deficiency with esProc (free […]

esProc Charts: The Text Element

In esProc, it is common to add text to various charts. The text is plotted and positioned with the text element, and has its own style compared with text working with other chart elements (though the latter’s properties can be adjusted in a similar way). 1.Data properties The text element has a relatively simple function. […]

24-Point Game Programming in esProc

24-point game is a common intellectual game, which can be played with cards without jokers. The rule is to draw four random cards and manipulate the four numbers to get the result 24 using four arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In card playing, J, Q, K correspond numbers 11, 12 and 13 respectively.  […]

esProc Solves Multivariable Linear Equations

For a given system of linear equations in n unknowns, there must be n equations to form the system. e.g.: 3x+4y+5z=26 5x+6y+10z=47 4x+8y+7z=41 Well, how do you solve this system of linear equations with n variables with esProc? First, the system of equations should be written in a standard form, and parameters are filled in […]

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