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esProc Assists BIRT in Splitting Fields and Converting Them to Records

Problem source: . To split fields apart and recombine them into records, you can use the stored procedure or a report script. But as the code is complex, an alternative choice is using esProc to help the reporting tool with the job. Let’s look at an example. Database table data has two fields: ID […]

esProc Assists BIRT in Handling Irregular Month Grouping

Problem source: Irregular month grouping: If the start date is 2014-01-10, group dates from this date to 2014-02-09 together and dates from 2014-02-10 to 2014-03-9 together. If the start date is 2014-01-31, put dates from this date to 2014-02-27 into a group and take dates from 2014-02-28 to 2014-03-30 as a group. esPro code: […]

esProc Integration & Application: License and Encryption

1. File encryption esProc provides ways of encrypting cellset files to protect them from unauthorized access or use. There are two levels of encryption: Execution privilege:By this privilege, users can set parameters, execute the cellset and see the cell values; they can also view the cellset descriptions and cell tips but cannot modify them. With […]

Grouping In-memory Data Using esProc: Code Examples

Using esProc, it is quite convenient to group data in memory. There are several main types of grouping based on how data is grouped. Here we’ll illustrate equal grouping, alignment grouping and enumeration grouping respectively with an example. Equal grouping That data is grouped by one or more certain fields (or one or more computed […]

esProc Charts: The Basics

esProc provides flexible charting functionality. It allows users to define parameters and data used for charting with the graphics editor, and to draw various styles of charts as needed using drawing functions. 1. General charting procedure Let’s learn of the general procedure of charting in esProc through the following code for drawing a column chart […]

esProc Analyzes Upward Trend in Stock Prices

Here, we use esProc to analyze the upward trend in stock prices. There is a variety of algorithms, of which one will be illustrated in detail. Other cases can be handled using the similar codes. Specific requirements are:  Among the stocks which have kept going up for N days, what is the proportion of those […]

esProc Assists Jasper in Calculating Opening Balance

Problem source: The calculation of opening balances according to deposit and withdraw amount involves inter-row operation. Jasper can do the calculation but the code is complicated. You can use esProc to assist the job and make it easy. The following is a simple example. data.csv contains deposit and withdraw information of different sum of money […]

esProc Assists Jasper in Calculating Loan Payments

Problem source: .  The calculation of loan payments according to loan amount will involve loop operation and inter-row operation. It is difficult to write code for it using stored procedure or Scriptlets. Yet with the help of esProc, the Jasper calculation will become easier. Here is an example.  Database table loan contains loan data […]

esProc Assists BIRT in Handling Intragroup Inter-row Calculations

Problem source: .  Generally intragroup inter-row calculations are handled with window functions or report scripts. But the code is rather complicated. Instead, you can use esProc to assist reporting tools in dealing with them. Below is such an example.  Database table sample has three fields, among which id is the grouping field. You need to […]

Calculate Growth Rate in Jasper Crosstabs

Problem source: .  As every column in a crosstab is generated dynamically, you also need to reference them dynamically when performing inter-row calculations. There is some difficulty in handling this dynamic reference using a Jasper script. But the data preparation can be made easier using esProc. Let’s look at an example.  The database table […]

Parse and Update Dynamic JSON into Database with esProc

Problem source: . Below is JSON data (s.json) the system acquires:    {     “SUCCESS”: [         {             “MESSAGE”: “IMEI Service List”,             “LIST”: {                 “MOVISTAR SPAIN”: {                     “GROUPNAME”: “MOVISTAR SPAIN”,                     “SERVICES”: {                         “3”: {                             “SERVICEID”: 32,                             “SERVICENAME”: “MOVISTAR NOKIA INSTANTE”,                             “CREDIT”: 4,                             “TIME”: “1-30 Minutes”, […]

Join MongoDB Collections with esProc

Problem source: . It is difficult to join MongoDB collections through hardcoding as it doesn’t directly support joins. Yet you can use esProc to perform inner join, left join and full join between collections or join the documents. Here is an example. Logically, the two collections – categories and rules – have a referenced […]

Aggregate Data by Specified Numbers of Rows with esProc

Problem source: Below is data from SL field of table tb1: SL 5 7 7 8 8 5 7 8 2 3 4 2 You need to calculate the sum of values every five rows. The expected aggregate result is as follows: 1-5  35 6-10 25 11-12      6 That is, the first column is […]

A Code Example of External Memory Sorting in esProc

We often need to sort records in a table for data analysis and computing. esProc supports sort function to sort sequences or table sequences. External memory sorting is required when the data being sorted is too huge to be loaded into the memory all together and the ordinary sorting method cannot be used.  For example, […]

esProc Implements Foreign Key Relationship for MongoDB Collections

Problem source: . With MongoDB’s built-in API, you implement a foreign key relationship through hardcoding. The hardcode is not intuitive and difficult to write. In this case you can use esProc to handle this. For example: Collection UserCourseProgres records the relationship between users and courses. Its courseid is the foreign key that points to _id […]

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