esProc Assists Report Development – Computations Based on Multi-datasource Joins

Multiple datasources are very common in report development. We would first join tables from different databases before performing subsequent computations, such as filtering, grouping and sorting. With virtual data source or table join, reporting tools like JasperReport and BIRT can in some degree realize these computat...

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esProc Improves Text Processing – Insert Summary values into Grouped Data

The usual way to insert summary values into the grouped data is to process data group by group. Import a group of data, append them and their summary value to a new file and then do the same with the next group, and so on. But it is not easy to realize this in hard coding. esProc, however, supports group cursor with wh...

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esProc Improves Text Processing – Fetching Data from a Batch of Files

Sometimes we need to fetch certain data from multiple files of a multi-level directory during text processing. The operation is too complicated to be well performed at the command line. Though it can be realized in high-level languages, the code is difficult to write; and the involvement of big files will increase the ...

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