esProc Getting Start : Installation and Basic Use

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esProc is a tool for programmed data computing. It can execute various types of data analysis and structured data computing, as well as get access to the database freely and perform online data analysis.

1. Installation

You can download esProc installation package on the following official website:

To install esProc, please run the installer according to the instructions below step by step:

1) Run the installer

2) Click Next to continue, accept the agreement

3) Select the installation directory, click Install

4) Complete the installation

If you are familiar with the configuration of running environment of Java, and JDK1.5 or higher version has been installed locally, you can also choose to launch the esProc installer that will not install JDK automatically but prompt you to navigate to the directory of JDK in the local machine.

2. Basic Use of esProc

Run esProc main program to open esProc and click new button to create the cellset file.


On the left is the cellset section, the active cellset files you are operating are shown here; on the right, the upper area is the valueview section and the lower area is the variable section. Value view section and variable section can be retracted and expanded easily.


In esProc, if a cell has a value, then its name can be used to reference the cell value in a computational cell or an executable cell. A cell possessing a value can be a constant cell, a computational cell or other types of cells got assigned by the executable cell. The name of a cell includes the letter representing the column in which the cell is located and the integer – the serial number of the row it resides. In the above cellset, the expression in cell A2 calls the value of cell A1. The following is another example:


But different to Excel, in esProc, the letter in the cell name must be capital.

esProc provides lots of functions to handle various kinds of data computing. For example:


And auxiliary function for editing functions can make code-writing in cells more easily. During editing expressions in cells, press Alt+↓to open/close the auxiliary function for editing functions. On the auxiliary interface for editing functions, you can see function syntax, function reference and other information:


3. Installation and Operation under Linux System

At present, ways of installing esProc under Linux are as follows:

1. deb file

2. rpm file

3. zip file

4. Download and install esProc by updating the software source

Only Linux systems that support deb files can use this kind of installation document, such as Debian and Ubuntu. For detailed information about installing and uninstalling esProc, please refer to Installation Instructions on esProc for Linux System.

By default, esProc will be installed in the path /usr/share/raqsoft. To start esProc, just execute in the path esProc/bin under the installation directory:


To start the demo database, you need to execute under the above directory.

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