esProc Getting Started :Cell Editing

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1. Cell Copy and Paste

In esProc, you can press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy data or an expression in some cell and paste it on the target done. But unlike EXCEL, the copy and paste operations on the cell will not perform the adjust-paste on the expression automatically.


If you need to adjust the cell quoted by the expression, press Ctrl-Alt-V to paste the cell. The expression will undergo the adjust-paste like what will happen in EXCEL.


Like the EXCEL, esProc set it as a rule that the row/column number starting with $ will never get adjust-pasted.


2. Insert and Delete like Text-editing

On the cell, press Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+BackSpace or Ctrl+Del will result in a similar effect of carriage return, backspace or deleting the current cell. This is similar to pressing Enter, Backspaceor Delete keys in a text editor. Pressing Ctrl+Insert will insert a cell in this row.

1) Pressing Ctrl+Enter will cause the effect similar to a carriage return.


2) Pressing Ctrl+BackSpace will cause a forward delete.


3) Pressing Ctrl+Delete will delete the current cell. The cellsfollowing it will move leftward to fill the space.


4) Pressing Ctrl+Insert will insert a cell, and the cells behindit will move rightward to make room for the newly inserted.


5) When the copy area is a whole row/column, pressing Ctrl+B will automatically insert the row/column first and then paste the content.


PressCltr+Alt+B, the expression will be adjust-pasted in a way similar to pressingCtrl+Alt+C.

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